Membership 2017

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Membership 2017

Postby Dr. Evil » Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:04 pm

Our annual membership fee for 2017 is still a low $30 for both new and returning members. Membership does have its privileges. Dues help pay for Westchester group runs and road trips, use of the Armory track in the winter, discounts on various running merchandise, relay team entries, a holiday season team gathering, and this message board and website (of which the hosting fee is $22 per month). You must also be a paid member to participate in our weekly coached speed workouts or gain special entry to particular running events.

Here's the most current list of paid members for 2017. Thank you! :moo:

  1. Jud
  2. Warren
  3. Michelle
  4. Ian
  5. Lauren
  6. Remi
  7. Kerstin
  8. Rachel
  9. Randy
  10. Alfred
  11. Rajeev
  12. Dom
  13. Sarah
  14. Chamim
  15. Ken
  16. Delphine
  17. Damien
  18. Haj
  19. Tasha
  20. Mars
  21. Tatiana
  22. Patricia
  23. Samara
  24. Wilson
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