WNR 10/15/14 * a 4.77 mi marathon *

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WNR 10/15/14 * a 4.77 mi marathon *

Postby Hoss » Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:59 pm

This will be my last WNR before the marathon due to scheduling conflicts - though other folks are welcome to run of course. At any rate I thought maybe we could run a 4.77 mi marathon.


* Meet at 7pm inside E90th St entrance to CPK between roadway and steps to the reservoir.
* 7:05pm Run North on roadway.
* Turn onto paths of the East Meadow and head North through the Conservatory Garden
* Exit North East corner of the park to traffic circle at 5th Ave & E110th St.
* South on 5th Ave.
* Re-enter Park at 5th Ave & E90th St.
* South on roadway to South End of Mall.
* Fork Left on East Drive to Southeast corner of CPK near the Plaza Hotel.
* West on CPK South
* Re-enter CPK by USS Maine Monument.
* Turn slight left onto Park Drive and Head North just past the Tavern to the finish line for this 4.77 mi marathon.

Anyone interested in catching a bite afterwards?
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