Getting to know all about you...

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Getting to know all about you...

Postby Witcha » Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:15 pm

Please see the Members Only section for SMOKING HOT, exclusive, all-new content that will provide you with a rare glimpse into the mind of an Adobonese runner.




ps: :b4: :b4: :b4: :b4: :b4: :b4: :b4: :b4: :b4: :b4: :b4: :b4:
Goal for 2011: Half marathon at < 1:58:44 (someone's PR; not mine)
Goal for next race: to not berate any children with the phrase, "come on, kid."
Goal for 2011-2012: BQ
Lifetime goal: to continue to avoid incarceration
Brooklyn: We go hard.
(quoted without permission from Jay-Z)
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